Vanessa-Mae: The Violin Player [陈美 – 小提琴神话] (1995/2004) SACD ISO

音乐风格: Techno/Pop, Electronic, Classical
发行时间: 1995/2004
厂牌编号: EMI 07243 5 78437 2 0
时长: 42:54
资源格式: ISO (*.iso)
编码: DSD 2.8 MHz
声道: 2.0,5.1


这张CD,即可反映出她对古典传统作品的触觉和修为,叫不曾深入了解陈美另一面的人大跌眼镜。 托卡塔与赋格[原曲:巴哈/小提琴与电子小提琴混音改编版]及其他九首爵士、流行绝对生猛作品。她说:BEETHOVEN(贝多芬),BEATLES(披头士),PAGAGNINI(帕格尼尼)与PRINCE(王子)我都喜欢.是我喜欢的,我就演奏….

Vanessa-Mae, vehemently opposed to any “compartmentalising of music”, describes the material on this album as “techno-acoustic fusion”. As far as instrumentation and recording techniques go, that’s a pretty fair description. But when the subtitle is “The Classical Album” , Vanessa-Mae and her producer/composer Mike Batt (of Wombles fame) stand accused of misleading their audience. Apart from the opening “Toccata in D”, one of the prodigy Vanessa-Mae’s favourite show pieces, all tracks are original compositions, most of them by Batt. What we hear are contemporary, poppy pieces, rock drum and keyboard-based, and tailor made for Vanessa-Mae’s high-energy yet delicate virtuosity. The fact that the talented Batt is audibly influenced by Michael Nyman does not make his compositions more “classical”, but thankfully steers them out of the tedious realm of “Classic Rock”. “Widescreen” is a track where the Mae-Batt synthesis works very well; both violinist and producer making the most of the technology-meets-tradition concept. Some of this is film score material, some shopping-mall ear drum fodder, other tracks yet again, revisit Mike Oldfield’s old pastures–it is a matter of discussion whether this album “defies all labelling” or simply makes a point of wooing them all in pursuit of the widest possible audience. Hence the “wet T-shirt”, sorry, “glistening Sea-Nymph” photo of Vanessa-Mae on the sleeve.


1. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor [07:51]
2. Contradanza [03:52]
3. Classical Gas [03:24]
4. Theme From ‘caravans’ [05:08]
5. Warm Air [03:41]
6. Jazz Will Eat Itself [03:32]
7. Wildescreen [04:00]
8. Tequila Mockingbird [03:29]
9. City Theme [04:34]
10. Red Hot [03:18]