VA – Stockfisch Records: Closer to the Music Vol.1 (2004) SACD DSF

Closer To The Music Vol.1
The first sampler released by Stockfisch-Records with a collection of 17 tracks. Although taken from different CD productions, these titles reveal a close relationship to sound and interpretation. 73 pleasant minutes illustrating clearly the philosophy of Stockfisch-Records: closer to the music!

“Formidable artists und fantastic sound – these are the hallmarks of the fine label Stockfisch-Records and of the High-end-studios Pauler Acoustics in Northeim/Germany.” Claus Dick in Audiophile 04/2001

“Günter Pauler has the right heart and the right touch for the quiet masters of songs. He preserves their art with a quality of sound, that makes the hair of even confirmed audiophiles stand to end.” Lothar Brandt in stereoplay 6/2003


  1. Allan Taylor – The Beat Hotel
  2. Allan Taylor – Wheel Of Fortune
  3. Sara K. – Turned My Upside Down
  4. Sara K. – The Painter
  5. Sara K. & Chris Jones – Stop Those Bells (Live)
  6. Chris Jones – Set ’em Up, Joe
  7. Chris Jones – No Sanctuary Here
  8. Mike Silver – Not A Matter Of Pride
  9. Mike Silver – Angel In Deep Shadow
  10. Steve Strauss – Mr. Bones
  11. Steve Strauss – Argyle Bridge
  12. David Munyon – Words of Love
  13. David Munyon – Save The Whales In Placerville And Hickstone
  14. Paul Stephenson – Captain Of The Loving Kind
  15. Paul Stephenson – Moon In The Glass
  16. David Roth – Pearl Diver
  17. David Roth – Before I Die



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