Underworld – Beaucoup Fish (1999) {Super Deluxe Edition 2017} [Qobuz FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz]

Underworld – Beaucoup Fish (1999) {Super Deluxe Edition 2017} 
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz  | Time – 04:36:06 minutes | 3,12 GB | Genre: Electronic
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: Qobuz | Front Cover | © Universal Music

Underworld’s unique brand of quirky electronica brought them to the fore in 1996 with their single ‘Born Slippy.NUXX’ appearing in the soundtrack of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting. Their follow-up album “Beaucoup Fish” was their most highly anticipated release to date, a groove-heavy, genre-bending release that moves from techno anthems Cups and Sudder/King Of Snake to house-infused gems like Push Upstairs and Bruce Lee. The album was remastered and re-released on 25 August 2017 with deluxe and super-deluxe expanded editions. This super deluxe edition includes a selection of rare and unreleased material from the extensive session and edits leading up to the release of the record in 1999.

With the buzz almost completely died down from “Born Slippy,” Underworld’s Trainspotting hit of over two years before, Beaucoup Fish emerged to a distinctly uncaring public. And though it is a disappointing record compared to the group’s high-flying previous albums, it displays Underworld’s talents well – the trio is still the best at welding obtuse songcraft onto an uncompromising techno framework and making both sound great. Karl Hyde’s nasally vocals are a bit more obtrusive on tracks like the trance-rant “Moaner” and first single “Push Upstairs,” but as before, impeccable production saves the day. While Second Toughest in the Infants showed Underworld were no mere novices at introducing super-tough breakbeats, here the focus is on throwback acid-house and trance. The effect is that Underworld have refused to compromise their artistic vision to anyone’s view of commercialism; as such, the few excesses on Beaucoup Fish can be forgiven.

CD1 #01 – Cups
CD1 #02 – Push Upstairs
CD1 #03 – Jumbo
CD1 #04 – Shudder King of Snake
CD1 #05 – Winjer
CD1 #06 – Skym
CD1 #07 – Bruce Lee
CD1 #08 – Kittens
CD1 #09 – Push Downstairs
CD1 #10 – Something Like a Mama
CD1 #11 – Moaner

CD2 #01 – Nifter (5 A1317 Nov 97)
CD2 #02 – Bruce Lee (Ricks 1st Dobro Mix)
CD2 #03 – UW Orange Bed (Sept97)
CD2 #04 – Skym (A A1317 Nov 97)
CD2 #05 – Jumbo (Diff Bass 2 A1317 Nov 97)
CD2 #06 – Push Upstairs (Alt 1 A1336 July 98)
CD2 #07 – King of Snake (Garage Mix A1313 Set 97b)
CD2 #08 – Something Like a Mama (Alt Mix A1340 July 98 A Upstairs)
CD2 #09 – Please Help Me
CD2 #10 – Yeah Plan (From A1385)
CD2 #11 – Ramajama

CD3 #01 – Cups (Salt City Orchestra Remix)
CD3 #02 – Jumbo (Jedi’s Sugar Hit Mix)
CD3 #03 – Jumbo (Futureshock Vocal Mix)
CD3 #04 – Push Upstairs (Darren Price Remix)
CD3 #05 – King of Snake (Slam Remix)
CD3 #06 – King of Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix)
CD3 #07 – King of Snake (Dave Clarke Remix)
CD3 #08 – Bruce Lee (Micronauts Remix)
CD3 #09 – Bruce Lee (Buffalo Daughter Remix)

CD4 #01 – Bruce Lee (DJ Hype & DJ Zinc)
CD4 #02 – Bruce Lee (DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Instrumental Mix)
CD4 #03 – Bruce Lee (Futureshock Remix)
CD4 #04 – King of Snake (Claudio Coccoluto Remix)
CD4 #05 – King of Snake (Martinez Remix)
CD4 #06 – King of Snake (Dave Angel Remix)
CD4 #07 – Jumbo (Rob Rives & Francois Kevorkian Dub)
CD4 #08 – Push Upstairs (Roger S Narcotic Haze Dub)
CD4 #09 – Push Upstairs (Adam Beyer Rmx 2)