Unamas Strings Septet – Touch of Contra Bass (2018) DSF DSD256/11.20MHz + Hi-Res FLAC

Unamas Strings Septet – Touch of Contra Bass (2018)
DSD256 (.dsf) 11,2 MHz/1 Bit | ~ 5.81 Gb | Official Digital Download | Time: 00:36:50
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Classical, Chamber | Label: Unamas | Artwork: PDF Booklet

The keyword “Italy” and “Contrabass” is the eighth album of UNAMAS Label at Ohga Hall by Mr. Mick Sawaguchi (Sawaguchi Masaki). Giovanni Bottechni’s “Violin & Contrabass + Grand Duo Concertante by five string players”, a masterpiece of Italian baroque contrabass, It is a truly ambitious program that Rossini’s string sonata No. 1 major in the formation of two violin, one cello, one contra bass, and the masterpiece of director Spielberg “Schindler’s list main theme” with a contrabass solo.

It is key that all contrabass is common to all. It was recorded on 11th and 12th December 2017. Mr. Sawaguchi states: “Contrabass always has a supporting role even in the played by classical music, but UNAMAS Label puts the concept of unifying the album production focusing on contra bass.

In this work, we pursued the delicate and low-range power of contrabass featuring solo instrument and rich sound of Ohga Hall.” Ippei Kitamura plays a solo contra bass. Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Contrabass Division. Solo violin is Jun Tajiri, a Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Assistant Concert Master. The 1st violin is Shiori Takeda of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra No. 2 Violin section, Fuuko Nakamura of the 1st violin division of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Viola is the viola division of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Chihiro Tai, and the cello by Makito Nishiya contra bass is Saya Sugano – free after Graduated from Music department of Tokyo University of the Arts


Giovanni Bottesini
01. Gran Duo Concertante (15:53)

Gioacchino Antonio Rossini – Sonata for Strings No. 1 in G Major
02. Moderate (8:05)
03. Andante (4:19)
04. Allegro (2:38)
John Williams

05. Theme from Schindler’s List (5:55)



FLAC 24-192


FLAC 24-44,1