Tim Burgess – Typical Music (2022) [FLAC 24bit/96kHz]

Tim Burgess - Typical Music (2022) [FLAC 24bit/96kHz] Download

Tim Burgess – Typical Music (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:28:29 minutes | 1,75 GB | Genre: Indie Rock
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Bella Union

Tim Burgess – as self-effacing a band leader, solo star, label runner, repeat memoirist and all-round caffeinated can-do kid as you’ll find – would certainly shrink from the latter accolade. “A hero??” he’d likely mutter with a shake of his boyish mop. “For playing some records?”

Yes, Tim, we would say that. And not just because with the May 2020, mid-lockdown appearance of I Love The New Sky, his fifth solo album, he undauntedly pushed on with releasing an album that brought much-needed sunshine to a world enveloped in gloom.

Typical Music is a 22-track double album, a blockbuster set of songs that are as expansive and diverse as they are rich: “OK, we all know about double albums, right?” begins Burgess, a keen as mustard a student of pop and rock history. “Historically, they’ve been thought of as indulgent. But I came to the conclusion that what I was doing was the opposite of that. I wanted to give people everything that I’d done. And everything that I brought to the studio and worked on with the guys, I coloured them all in equally. Every idea was treated as if it was the best thing and had to be treated with extreme care. I wanted to give everything of myself. That was it.”The studio was Rockfield, the storied farmyard recording establishment in Wales that held memories both good and bad for Burgess. Good, because The Charlatans recorded some of their greatest moments there (including 1997’s Tellin’ Stories, led by landmark single ‘One To Another’). Bad, because during the recording of that fifth album, the band’s original keyboard player Rob Collins died in a car crash at the bottom of the lane. Burgess hadn’t properly been back to Rockfield in almost 25 years, but now it was time.

Burgess spent 30 days in the studio with Thighpaulsandra and Daniel O’Sullivan. The former is the authentically legendary keyboard, synthesiser and production wizard who’s played with Coil, Julian Cope and Spiritualized. The latter is the ex-Grumbling Fur multi-instrumentalist who’s released records on Burgess’s O Genesis label and is a member of his live band. Dave Fridmann then sprinkled his magic over the album, mixing all 22 tracks.

“I just wanted more,” smiles this hyperactive polymath. “I wanted to challenge us all. I wanted to do more electronic things. I wanted to expand the sound. We were limited in what we could do because of Covid, but we had orchestras in our brains. But we just did it as the three of us.”

Where did they go? Where didn’t they go? To highlight but three songs from Typical Music: ‘Revenge Through Art’ is loose-hipped, chewy funk. ‘Kinetic Connection’ offers up sparkling psyche-pop, wiggy electronics weaving in and out of rippling piano. ‘Take Me With You’ is a space-soul love song.

“I fell in love with the world again,” he explains of the latter’s lyrical origins. “During Covid, I read a pile of books, got better on guitar. I had new perspective. I wanted to learn how to be Tim Burgess who makes solo records. People have a vision of me as the singer in The Charlatans. That’s not going to change. Then there’s me as the Twitter guy. But I just fell in love with the world again and wanted the world to take me with them.”

Elsewhere there are songs for his young son, and for his dad, who passed away in April 2020. There is, too, the twangy gallop of the title track. Or, as the encyclopaedically-minded Burgess puts it, excitedly: “It’s definitely sci-fi, and primal as well. Brian Jones on teardrop guitar. Or Will Sergeant, early Bunnymen. Banshees, even. Daft Punk! And then ‘Sooner Than Yesterday’ is the same,” he adds of another moment of absolute torch’n’twang, “but in monochrome. It’s more English.”

Overall, that fed into his vision for Typical Music, to wit: “I wanted to write sci-fi punk songs, or sci-fi surf songs. I was listening to a lot of Joe Meek and Kim Fowley, and lots of the songs are two minutes long. I think the average length is just over three minutes. I like that.”

Together Burgess, “Thipes” and O’Sullivan – let’s call them The Rockfield Three – have crafted a colourful, kaleidoscopic cosmos, created when the world outside was so black and white and beaten down. “That was totally the goal,” affirms Tim Burgess. “In my most far-out thoughts, I thought of it as like we built a spaceship that was hermetically sealed, a crew of three. And we just wanted to transcend the mire.” With Typical Music, it promises to be some trip.


01. Tim Burgess – Here Comes The Weekend (04:38)
02. Tim Burgess – Curiosity (03:10)
03. Tim Burgess – Time That We Call Time (03:47)
04. Tim Burgess – Flamingo (03:20)
05. Tim Burgess – Revenge Through Art (02:13)
06. Tim Burgess – Kinectic Connection (03:40)
07. Tim Burgess – Typical Music (03:03)
08. Tim Burgess – Take Me With You (02:25)
09. Tim Burgess – After This (04:24)
10. Tim Burgess – The Centre of Me (Is a Symphony of You) (04:25)
11. Tim Burgess – When I See You (06:58)
12. Tim Burgess – Magic Rising (04:56)
13. Tim Burgess – Tender Hooks (03:30)
14. Tim Burgess – L.O.S.T Lost / Will You Take A Look At My Hand Please (07:10)
15. Tim Burgess – A Bloody Nose (03:20)
16. Tim Burgess – In May (03:05)
17. Tim Burgess – Slacker (Than I’ve Ever Been) (04:11)
18. Tim Burgess – View From Above (05:09)
19. Tim Burgess – A Quarter to Eight (03:57)
20. Tim Burgess – Sooner Than Yesterday (02:45)
21. Tim Burgess – Sure Enough (03:26)
22. Tim Burgess – What’s Meant For You Won’t Pass By You (04:47)


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