Susan Wong (黄翠姗) – A Night At The Movies (2006) SACD ISO

High Resolution Audiophile Recording SACD
Released by Rock In Music Limited in 2006
Catalog Number: RM110S

黃翠珊Susan Wong在音響界是一個響噹噹的名字,更有HiFi天后之稱,專門演繹經典的英文金曲。人們對她的來歷傳說紛紜,有說她是一位酒廊歌手,又有傳聞她是來自東南亞地區。原來她是地道的香港人,只是自幼往澳洲留學,說得一口流利的英語。她18歲時曾經加入盛極一時的樂壇,只可惜日本總唱片公司撤離香港,她毅然決定考會計師牌,成為一個專業會計師,直到去年機緣巧合下,她被邀唱英文金曲,在委靡不振的市道下創出佳績,開創出自己的一片天地。

Track Listings:

1. Sometimes When We Touch
2. First of May
from Melody Fair
3. Smile
from Modern Times
4. You Don’t Know Me
from My Best Friend’s Wedding
5. When I Fall In Love
from Sleepless in Seattle
6. A Thousands Dream Of You
from 風月
7. Guitar Interlude
8. As Times Goes By
from Casablanca
9. More
from Mondo Cane
10. Sway
from Shall We Dance
11. Memory
from Cats
12. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
from Sleepless In Seattle
13. Fallen
from Pretty Woman