Smooth Jazz Festival [FIM SACD 055] SACD ISO

唱片名称:《Smooth Jazz Festival》SACD
出版:FIM 一听钟情
编号:FIM SACD 055

FIM一听钟情的出品,本身已经是品质的保证,这款以”轻柔爵士乐”为主打的《Smooth Jazz Festival》SACD,更是同类唱片中的出色之作。

Smooth Jazz「轻柔爵士乐」是80年代中期发展出来的新爵士风格,它意指结合乐器演奏、流行音乐及轻爵士乐(Light Jazz)的一种音乐类型,它的特质是:在特定的旋律上少许即兴演奏。

《Smooth Jazz Festival》这张唱片,就完全把“轻柔爵士乐”演出的淋漓尽致!优美的名曲旋律,经过名家精心编曲,五大爵士乐队连手演绎,既保持了熟悉的乐曲主调,又加入了新鲜的“即兴演奏”元素,柔扬的轻爵士乐,纯美的音韵,清丽的音效,助人忘记烦嚣,使人百听不厌、悠然神往。

This album marks the inauguration of Smooth Jazz Festival by FIM! To celebrate the occasion, we have selected musical gems from amongst the finest world-class jazz teams including Tsuyoshi Yamamoto & his Trio, Japan, Jeremy Monteiro & his Orchestra, John Whitney & his Trio, tenor saxophonist Yuri Honing and cellist Teresa Perez.

Maestro Harold Farberman was invited as consultant and was largely instrumental in selecting this beautifully composed and performed music. This unique collection provides a unique atmosphere worthy of its title: Smooth Jazz Festival.

Sit back and enjoy. Relax your busy soul with the most soothing sounds jazz has to offer!

1. Theme from Spartacus – Yamamoto Trio
2. Falling in Love With Love – Jeremy Monteiro Trio
3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Yuri Honing
4. Charade – John Whitney Trio
5. Sweet Sound – Teresa Perez & the John Whitney Trio
6. The Trout – John Whitney Trio
7. Besame Mucho – Dave Parker with the Jeremy Monteiro Trio
8. Misty – Yamamoto Trio
9. Sunrise in Seattle – John Whitney Trio
10. Deep Purple – Dave Parker with the Jeremy Monteiro Trio

Total Time 54:32