Lautten Compagney – Handel, Vinci: Didone abbandonata (2018) [FLAC 24bit/48kHz]

Lautten Compagney – Händel, Vinci: Didone abbandonata (2018) 
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Time – 2:36:32 minutes | 1,54 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Booklet, Front Cover | © deutsche harmonia mundi

It will come as no surprise to see the names of two composers at the head of this Didone abbandonata, Leonardo Vinci and Georg Friedrich Handel. The reason for the juxtaposition is simple: this is indeed an opera that Vinci wrote for Naples in 1726, but in a version which was completely revised by Handel for the London stage in 1737. The “Caro Sassone” has changed the tonalities, the orders of the arias, the sequences, and added something here (arias in particular… from Hasse, which he had already recycled in some other works of “his”!), cutting a little there, so the final product owes as much to one composer as to the other. And here, the Lautten Compagney presents the world’s first recording of this work as re-written: a reading based directly on Handel’s personal score, even though he was too badly-afflicted by rheumatism to personally direct the performance of 13 April 1737. This is one of many works he re-wrote to the point of pastiche, which was a great speciality of the 18th century, a time when authors’ rights were a rather woollier concept than they are today.

1. Act I: Sinfonia: I. Allegro
2. Act I: Sinfonia: II. Largo
3. Act I: Sinfonia: III. Allegro
4. Act I: No, pricipessa (Rec.)
5. Act I: Enes, d’Asia splendore (Rec.)
6. Act I: Ahi lasso (Aria)
7. Act I: Parte così (Rec.)
8. Act I: Dirò che fida sei (Aria)
9. Act I: Didone, il rè de’ Mori (Rec.)
10. Act I: Son regina (Aria)
11. Act I: Araspe, aspetta (Rec.)
12. Act I: Grato rende (Aria)
13. Act I: Quanto è stolto (Rec.)
14. Act I: Frà lo splendor denl trono (Aria)
15. Act I: Degl’uomini ornamento (Rec.)
16. Act I: Se dalle stelle (Aria)
17. Act I: Già te’l dissi (Rec.)
18. Act I: Tutta ho scorsa (Rec.)
19. Act I: Quando saprai (Aria)
20. Act I: Non partira, se pria (Rec.)
21. Act I: Già di Nettuno al tempio (Rec.)
22. Act I: Dove corri, o signore? (Rec.)
23. Act I: Son quel fiume (Aria)
24. Act I: Come? Da’labbri tuoi (Rec.)
25. Act I: Ecco il rival (Rec.)
26. Act I: Siam traditi (Rec.)
27. Act I: Enea, salvo già sei (Rec.)
28. Act I: Non ha ragione (Aria)
29. Act I: E soffirò che sia (Rec.)
30. Act I: Trà fieri opposti venti (Aria)
31. Act II: Mal dissimula i torti (Rec.)
32. Act II: Chi sciolse, barbaro (Rec.)
33. Act II: Leon ch’errando vada (Aria)
34. Act II: Chi fu, ch’all’inumano (Rec.)
35. Act II: Tanto amor (Aria)
36. Act II: Tu dici ch’io non speri (Rec.)
37. Act II: Amor che nasce (Aria)
38. Act II: Già so che si nasconde (Rec.)
39. Act II: Come! Ancor non partisti? (Rec.)
40. Act II: Se vuoi ch’io mora (Aria)
41. Act II: Io sento vaccilar (Rec.)
42. Act II: Vedi nel mio perdono (Aria)
43. Act II: Tanto ardir nella reggia (Rec.)
44. Act II: Allor che Araspe (Rec.)
45. Act II: Sono intrepido nell’alma (Aria)
46. Act II: Ad ascoltar di nuovo (Rec.)
47. Act II: Didone, a che mi chiedo? (Rec.)
48. Act II: Dammi la destra (Rec.)
49. Act II: Dunque, o perfida (Rec.)
50. Act II: Chiamami pur così (Aria)
51. Act II: Non temo il tuo furore (Rec.)
52. Act II: Ritorna a lusingarmi (Aria)
53. Act III: Compagni invitti (Rec.)
54. Act III: Dove rivolge (Rec.)
55. Act III: Sinfonia
56. Act III: Già cadesti, e sei vinto (Rec.)
57. Act III: Mi tradì l’infida sorte (Aria)
58. Act III: Partì da nostri lidi (Rec.)
59. Act III: Non son contento (Rec.)
60. Act III: Principessa, ove corri? (Rec.)
61. Act III: Quando l’onda (Aria)
62. Act III: Addio, Selene (Rec.)
63. Act III: A trionfar mi chiama (Aria)
64. Act III: Sprezzar la fiamma mia (Rec.)
65. Act III: Ch’io resti? (Aria)
66. Act III: Va crescendo (Aria)
67. Act III: O Dei! Regina (Rec.)
68. Act III: Araspe in queste soglie (Rec.)
69. Act III: Osmida? (Rec.)
70. Act III: I miei casi infelici (Rec. acc.)
71. Act III: Fuggi, fuggi o reina (Rec.)
72. Act III: Già si desta la tempesta (Aria)
73. Act III: Fermati (Rec.)
74. Act III: Io sposa d’un tiranno? (Rec. acc.)
75. Act III: Cadrà frà poco in cenere (Aria)
76. Act III: Mancano più nemici? (Rec. acc.)
77. Act III: Vado, ma dove? (Rec. acc.)
78. Act III: E v’è tanta viltà (Rec. acc.)