Ivan Torrent – Reverie – The Compilation Album [24bit/48kHz]

Genres: Soundtrack, Music, Instrumental

“Reverie – The Compilation Album” by Ivan Torrent, is a sonic experience that embraces the epic music with electronic flavors.

Live instruments, huge percussions, choirs, hybrid elements, and dreamy vocals gathered in a compilation of 26 tracks that you can’t miss, keeping all the original sound nuances of a mastering carefully done.

A premium version for all the lovers of Epic Music in search of a better sound quality.
“Reverie – The Compilation Album” is also available on iTunes and Amazon.
released 02 December 2014

All the tracks, written, produced and mixed by Ivan Torrent at Kobalt Rose Soundworks.

Vocals by Julie Elven, Celica Soldream, Aeralie Brighton, Gaby Koss, Lara Ausensi, Roger Berruezo, Rangel Da Silva and Ivan Torrent.

Additional Strings by Éanán Patterson, Pete Whitfield, Fred Descargues and François Ragot.

Artwork concept and Illustrations by Carlos Quevedo.
Cover and Booklet design by Ivan Torrent.



1.Human Legacy 04:58
2.Icarus (feat. Julie Elven) 04:35
3.Remember Me (feat. Roger Berruezo) 03:44
4.The Awakening 04:28
5.Crystalline (feat. Celica Soldream) 04:36
6.Before I Leave This World 02:49
7.One of Us (feat. Julie Elven) 04:28
8.Dandelion (Tribute to a Legend) 04:11
9.The Axis of Love 03:27
10.Supernova 05:24
11.Architects of Life (feat. Celica Soldream) 04:56
12.Underskin 04:03
13.Blessing the Rain 02:13
14.In Aeternum 02:49
15.Glimmer of Hope (feat. Aeralie Brighton) 03:52
16.La Danse de la Lune 02:47
17.The Bounds of the Universe 03:58
18.Forbidden Love 03:14
19.The Light Crusaders 02:55
20.Luminous Days 02:13
21.Starchild 01:42
22.Impossible (feat. Rangel Da Silva) 03:08
23.Galactic Invasion 01:41
24.The Dark One 02:52
25.Release my Heart 01:52
26.The Power of Will (feat. Gaby Koss) 05:25




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