Howard Shore – The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring – The Complete Recordings (2005/2018) [FLAC 24bit/48kHz]

Howard Shore – The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring – The Complete Recordings (2005/2018)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/48 kHz | Time – 03:00:33 minutes | 1,44 GB | Genre: Soundtrack
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Rhino – Warner Bros.

The Lord of the Rings is one of most successful trilogies in film history earning 17 Academy Awards® including three for its music. Beyond critical acclaim, the music from the films also enjoyed wide commercial success, collectively selling 7 million copies. Directed by Peter Jackson,The Lord of the Rings films are based on the popular J.R.R. Tolkien novel of the same name.

The music for all three films was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Howard Shore. The music he wrote for The Fellowship of the Ring was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, with contributions by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the London Voices and the London Oratory School Schola. The soundtrack also highlights two original songs written and performed by Enya: “May It Be” and “Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen).” The soundtrack was certified platinum in the U.S. alone, and sold extremely well around the world. It won the Academy Award ® for Best Original Score, as well as the Grammy® for Best Score Soundtrack Album.

“Appropriately enough for the film adaptation of one fantasy literature’s most enduring favorites, Howard Shore’s score for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings is traditional and majestic, using sweeping strings, brass, and choral sections to create moments of fire-and-brimstone menace as well heroic triumph. An ominous, bombastic feel runs through much of the score, particularly on pieces like “A Journey in the Dark,” “Flight to the Ford,” and “A Knife in the Dark,” but Shore also includes respites such as the sweetly elfin, Celtic-tinged “Concerning Hobbits” and the stately “Many Meetings.” The vibrant “Bridge of Khazad Dum” and “Amon Hen” combine the score’s major themes into dazzling climaxes, while Enya’s contributions, “Council of Elrond” and “May It Be,” add a subtle serenity that gives the score balance. While it’s not a particularly melodic score, Lord of the Rings nevertheless does an excellent job of conveying the film’s moods through music and has more than enough presence to be appreciated outside of the film’s context.” (Heather Phares, AMG)

“This is the perfect album to just sit back, relax and lose yourself in. From the folksy textures of Hobbit music to the pounding tribal rhythms inspired by Saruman and his fearsome Uruk-Hai The Fellowship of the Ring: The Complete Recordings is one of them to enjoyable soundtracks ever to exist. Containing the rare ability to co-exist successfully outside of just the film, this captivating album deserves only the highest regards.” (

1. Glamdring 03:49
2. Elven Rope 02:18
3. Lost In Emyn Muil 04:14
4. My Precious 02:56
5. Uglúk’s Warriors 01:41
6. The Three Hunters 06:12
7. The Banishment of Éomer 03:54
8. Night Camp 02:50
9. The Plains Of Rohan 04:14
10. Fangorn 05:13
11. The Dead Marshes 05:08
12. “Wraiths On Wings” 02:07
13. Gandalf the White 06:47
14. The Dreams of Trees 01:54
15. The Heir of Númenor 06:50
16. Ent-draught 02:55
17. Edoras 04:33
18. The Court of Meduseld 03:10
19. Théoden King / “The Funeral of Théodred” (feat. Miranda Otto) 06:11
20. The King’s Decision 02:07
21. Exodus From Edoras 05:42
22. The Forests Of Ithilien 06:37
23. One of the Dúnedain / “Evenstar” (feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian) 07:13
24. The Wolves of Isengard 04:22
25. Refuge At Helm’s Deep 04:00
26. The Voice Of Saruman 01:10
27. Arwen’s Fate / “The Grace of the Valar” (feat. Sheila Chandra) 03:58
28. The Story Foretold 03:38
29. Sons Of The Steward 06:03
30. Rock And Pool 02:54
31. Faramir’s Good Council 02:26
32. Aragorn’s Return 02:10
33. War Is Upon Us 03:35
34. “Where Is The Horse And The Rider?” 06:15
35. The Host Of The Eldar 02:50
36. The Battle Of The Hornburg 02:52
37. The Breach Of The Deeping Wall 03:03
38. The Entmoot Decides 02:06
39. Retreat / “Haldir’s Lament” (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) 04:40
40. Master Peregrin’s Plan 02:31
41. The Last March of the Ents (feat. Ben Del Maestro) 02:31
42. The Nazgûl Attack 02:45
43. Théoden Rides Forth (feat. Ben Del Maestro) 05:48
44. The Tales That Really Matter 12:01
45. “Long Ways to Go Yet” / “Gollum’s Song” (feat. Emiliana Torrini) 08:04

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