Finneas O’Connell – Turning Red (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2022) [FLAC 24bit/48kHz]

Finneas O’Connell – Turning Red (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/48 kHz | Time – 01:17:13 minutes | 812 MB | Genre: Soundtrack
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Walt Disney Records

A behind-the-stars songwriter, music producer, and actor as well as a singer/songwriter in his own right, Los Angeles native Finneas O’Connell – aka Finneas – is recognized for his sleek and intimate alternative pop style. Emerging on the international stage first as an actor – he appeared in the film Bad Teacher (2011) and on TV’s Glee (2015), among other roles – in his teens, he drew accolades in the late 2010s for his Grammy-nominated contributions to the outcast anthems of his sister, Billie Eilish. Following the March 2019 release of her first full-length, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, and related touring as a member of her live band, he stepped forward with his own debut album, Blood Harmony, in October 2019. Two years later, he provided the score for the high school drama film The Fallout. Born in Los Angeles in 1997, Finneas Baird O’Connell grew up in a creative family; his parents are actress/screenwriter Maggie Baird and actor Patrick O’Connell.

While occasionally tense and suspenseful, the primarily playful soundtrack to Disney-Pixar’s Turning Red consists of Ludwig Göransson’s alternately elevator-jazzy and orchestral score alongside three original songs (and various reprises) written by the sibling powerhouse duo of Billie Eilish and FINNEAS. A coming-of-age story about a Chinese-Canadian girl, Meilin, who inherits a problematic supernatural ability triggered by strong emotions, it’s set in Toronto in 2002. Majorly factoring into the plot is a concert by fictional teen boy band 4*TOWN, the recipient of the songs — “Nobody Like U,” “True Love,” and “U Know What’s Up” — which find the voice lineup of FINNEAS, Jordan Fisher, Josh Levi, Topher Ngo, and Grayson Villanueva delivering melodic earworms in tandem with corny gems like “Had friends and I’ve had buddies, it’s true/But they don’t turn my tummy the way you do.” Bolstered by the popularity of these throwback pop tunes, the Turning Red soundtrack landed on the Billboard 200. – Marcy Donelson

01. 4*TOWN (From Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red) – Nobody Like U (From “Turning Red”/Soundtrack Version) (02:40)
02. 4*TOWN (From Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red) – 1 True Love (From “Turning Red”/Soundtrack Version) (03:19)
03. 4*TOWN (From Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red) – U Know What’s Up (From “Turning Red”/Soundtrack Version) (03:08)
04. Ludwig Goransson – Family (From “Turning Red”/Score) (00:40)
05. Ludwig Goransson – Turning Red (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:10)
06. Ludwig Goransson – Meilin Lee (From “Turning Red”/Score) (00:58)
07. Ludwig Goransson – Temple Duties (From “Turning Red”/Score) (01:13)
08. Ludwig Goransson – Jin’s Family Dinner (From “Turning Red”/Score) (00:56)
09. Ludwig Goransson – Drawing Love (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:15)
10. Ludwig Goransson – Never Again Dream (From “Turning Red”/Score) (01:34)
11. Ludwig Goransson – Turning Panda (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:16)
12. Ludwig Goransson – Panda-monium (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:34)
13. Ludwig Goransson – Ancestors (From “Turning Red”/Score) (04:39)
14. Ludwig Goransson – Inconvenient Genetics (From “Turning Red”/Score) (03:35)
15. 4*TOWN (From Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red) – U Know What’s Up (The Panda Hustle Version) (02:49)
16. Ludwig Goransson – Tyler’s Deal (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:19)
17. Ludwig Goransson – The Aunties (From “Turning Red”/Score) (00:37)
18. Ludwig Goransson – Grandma’s Warning (From “Turning Red”/Score) (01:31)
19. Ludwig Goransson – Keeping The Panda (From “Turning Red”/Score) (05:14)
20. Ludwig Goransson – Dad Talk (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:28)
21. Ludwig Goransson – Red Moon Ritual (From “Turning Red”/Score) (03:19)
22. Ludwig Goransson – I’m Keeping It (From “Turning Red”/Score) (01:42)
23. Ludwig Goransson – Making It Right (From “Turning Red”/Score) (01:59)
24. Ludwig Goransson – Unleashing The Panda (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:06)
25. Ludwig Goransson – Stadium Ritual (From “Turning Red”/Score) (02:00)
26. Ludwig Goransson – Pandas Unite / Nobody Like U (Reprise) (From “Turning Red”/Soundtrack Version) (03:05)
27. Ludwig Goransson – The Real Ming (From “Turning Red”/Score) (01:59)
28. Ludwig Goransson – No Going Back (From “Turning Red”/Score) (03:13)
29. Ludwig Goransson – Let Your Inner Panda Out (From “Turning Red”/Score) (01:30)
30. Finneas O’Connell – Nobody Like U (Instrumental) (02:40)
31. Finneas O’Connell – 1 True Love (Instrumental) (03:19)
32. Finneas O’Connell – U Know What’s Up (Instrumental) (03:08)