Erra – ERRA (Deluxe) (2022) [FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz]

Erra – ERRA (Deluxe) (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 01:26:51 minutes | 1,06 GB | Genre: Metal
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Unfd

ERRA is a Progressive Metalcore/Djent band, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. ERRA has been making waves for years now in the scene with their extremely meticulous and methodical approaches to the metalcore genre. Their album released prior to this, Neon, (although did have quite a bit of commercial success) lacked in a fair bit of ways. For instance, the production was less than stellar, and the songwriting as a whole didn’t feel as inspired as what was on previous releases. The record felt homogenous in a lot of ways and it sort of blended in with other metalcore albums released around that same time, in a lot of respects. Thankfully, all of the flaws that were seen on their 2018 studio album have been ironed out and then some on their new self-titled record.

ERRA is everything Neon wanted to be, but this time succeeding. This album is a glorious affair of metalcore sonic bliss from beginning to end, the production has been massively improved, the riffs feel more creative than ever, and they even incorporated brand new vocal styles that have never been seen in an ERRA record up until this point. Unclean vocalist JT Cavey bringing everything to the table from fry screams to low gutturals, pig squeals, and he even does some clean singing that blends excellently with Jesse Cash’s also clean vocals.

This is the heaviest ERRA has been in quite a long time, tracks such as Snowblood, Gungrave, and House of Glass are viciously heavy at times, wearing Meshuggah influences on their sleeve this time, it is seen in essentially every track. The intro to Scorpion Hymn even sounds a tonne like the intro of Dancers to a Discordant System by Meshuggah, but I digress. The low end to this record is absolutely gargantuan in size, the bass sounds huge and it’s an essential component to the album’s overall sound. Drums have also stepped up massively from the previous record, everything sounds so much more grandiose than their previous record it’s hard to even place into words.

This record is also incredibly balanced between the heavier side and softer side, tracks Divisionary, Electric Twilight, and Vanish Canvas portray this factor in spades, each being stunningly gorgeous but also deceptively heavy as well at times. Each of these tracks are extremely catchy and are perfect for the casual listener who may not want to be bombarded with breakdowns, like most other tracks on the record. The “circus riff” (as the band quite literally likes to dub it) on Electric Twilight is one of the funnest riffs I’ve heard in ages, that riff alone just completely solidifies this song as being a fantastic standout.

Some other tracks worth noting are Shadow Autonomous, Eidolon, Remnant, and Lunar Halo. Every track has an absolute tonne to offer for every kind of ERRA fan, die-hard fans had expectations very high, and the band delivered with flying colors. The record ends off with the somber note that is Memory Fiction, a beautiful closer, with Jesse’s vocals dominating this entire track, it is one of the most melodic tracks on the album, it also has a lot of math-rock elements featured in it. It’s clear that Neon was a stepping stone towards this record, and I’m glad it’s finally here, a groundbreaking record in a lot of respects, ERRA remains in the upper echelon of the metalcore food chain, but this goes without saying.

1-1. Erra – Snowblood (04:13)
1-2. Erra – Gungrave (04:00)
1-3. Erra – Divisionary (03:41)
1-4. Erra – House of Glass (04:20)
1-5. Erra – Shadow Autonomous (05:17)
1-6. Erra – Electric Twilight (04:25)
1-7. Erra – Scorpion Hymn (03:50)
1-8. Erra – Lunar Halo (05:51)
1-9. Erra – Vanish Canvas (04:46)
1-10. Erra – Eidolon (04:37)
1-11. Erra – Remnant (04:20)
1-12. Erra – Memory Fiction (04:07)
1-13. Erra – Sol Absentia (04:03)
1-14. Erra – Psalm of Sedition (04:02)
1-15. Erra – Nigh to Silence (05:04)
1-16. Erra – Vanish Canvas (04:46)
1-17. Erra – Stockholm Syndrome (05:21)
1-18. Erra – Light My Way (05:28)
1-19. Erra – Heresy (04:32)