Eamonn Karran – Deep Heart’s Core (2020) [FLAC 24bit/96kHz]

Eamonn Karran – Deep Heart’s Core (2020)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 38:41 minutes | 800 MB | Genre: New Age
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There is good music. There is great music. And there is extraordinary music. Eamonn Karran’s album “Deep Heart’s Core” is extraordinary music.

“Traditional Celtic music with a modern twist,” doesn’t say enough. “Deep Heart’s Core” is 8 gorgeous tracks, beginning with the gentle, flowing, and completely engaging, “Carrountoohill.” For those that do not know, Carauntoohil (or Carrountoohill), is the highest mountain in Ireland. This opening track is dreamy piano, strings, great build, moving into a more Celtic feel, and all so wonderfully uplifting to the soul. We can literally feel our hearts opening from the very first notes. What’s particularly interesting about this piece is that it’s layered with other completely fascinating sounds such as people talking. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself. It’s a masterpiece, truly.

From there we are transported to “Fair City.” I say transported, because it’s true. This is an exhilarating, vibrant piece that takes us to that place deep inside ourselves that loves and embraces life. If you don’t remember that place, this will definitely do it. Cinematic, wide, and expansive, anyone who has ever felt and loved the driving heartbeat of any city will absolutely connect with this. So very alive! This is electronica at its finest.

Cashel is a deeply spiritual place in Ireland with a rich history worth delving into. “High King of Cashel” effectively captures this feeling of ancient mystery. We are drawn effortlessly and deeply into the very core of our ancient, collective hearts. This is perfectly composed, paced, and played, and with its haunting wordless vocals in just the right places, it is extremely effective at eliciting emotion.

Even deeper now we go into the heart space with “March on Tara Hill.” This is a more somber, contemplative song, which gives us pause for reflection. Drumbeats, whispers, vocal sounds, all mix together in a contemporary, yet classic, Celtic style. This is awesome, for lack of a better word.

Newgrange is “an exceptionally grand passage tomb” located in Ireland that is older even than the pyramids in Egypt and older than Stonehenge as well. In Irish folklore, it is believed to be a dwelling of the gods. My understanding is that it was sealed for many years and then at some point reconstructed, at least in some manner. The song, “Newgrange Rises” is jaw-droppingly, heart-poundingly exhilarating. With just the right amount of everything, periods of excitement, drumbeats, percussion, and slower movements, plus haunting vocals mixed in, this is a favorite, and a must-have on any playlist. I really don’t have words to do this justice. It’s truly exotic and unforgettable. Remember, I said earlier, “extraordinary?” Most definitely, YES.

“Spike Island” is epic. Strong underlying drumbeats, mix with the Celtic style and even an Eastern kind of flair, but again with that super-edgy, contemporary twist that Eamonn does so very well here. This piece, again, summons up our ancient voice and collective hearts. Heartfelt strings at the very end speak softly and poignantly to any stirred-up emotions. Magnificent.

Completely calming to the heart is the ultra-beautiful, “The Walls.” Stunningly beautiful vocal here soothes the soul, along with melodic strings and dreamy piano. This is like a Celtic lullaby or love song for the heart of your heart. Any and all walls built around the heart – if any remain after listening to this song (and this album) – will completely melt. It’s another absolutely “must have.”

A stunningly beautiful and perfect close to this album is “Wings Over Glenveagh.” Glenveagh is a national park in Ireland that features a network of gardens and a majestic castle. I’ve not been there, but I can tell you this song must certainly do it justice. The track is as hauntingly beautiful as the castle and grounds must be, and we are transported right there through this song. Truly enchanting and calming to the heart . . . at the very core.

01. Eamonn Karran – Carrountoohil (05:26)
02. Eamonn Karran – Fair City (04:47)
03. Eamonn Karran – High King of Cashel (05:01)
04. Eamonn Karran – March on Tara Hill (05:14)
05. Eamonn Karran – Newgrange Rises (04:30)
06. Eamonn Karran – Spike Island (04:29)
07. Eamonn Karran – The Walls (05:00)
08. Eamonn Karran – Wings over Glenveagh (04:10)