Dominique Visse – Josquin Desprez Septiesme livre de chansons (2021) [FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz]

Dominique Visse – Josquin Desprez Septiesme livre de chansons (2021)
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2021 sees the 500th anniversary of the death of Josquin Des Pres, the most celebrated composer of his day. Dominique Visse and the Ensemble Clément Janequin are recording a selection of his chansons from one of the most important editions of his works, Tylman Susatos Septiesme livre de Chansons published in 1545. This edition bears witness to the diversity of Josquins chanson writing, but above all to the melancholy and sorrow so present in his works, and is clearly a tribute, as is also evident in the two Deplorations on his death, Musae Jovis by Nicolas Gombert and O mors inevitabilis by Hieronymus Vinders. This recording endeavors to present a Josquin legacy, a post mortem illustration of his chanson oeuvre, in remembrance of his musical genius. It has also enabled Dominique Visse and the Ensemble Clement Janequin to express their profound musical passion for this major Renaisance composer who has accompanied them for more than 40 years.

Recorded in February 2020 in the new Elizabethan Theatre of the Château d’Hardelot (Pas-de-Calais), whose architecture is inspired by the past and fits comfortably into the present, this new album by the Clément Janequin Ensemble is dedicated to songs by the great Franco-Flemish composer Josquin des Prés, one of the first composers whose immense reputation allowed him to be published during his lifetime, a distinguished honour in those remote times when the musical press had just been born in Venice. This little revolution allowed music to be spread widely throughout Europe.

This splendid recording directed by Dominique Visse underlines the diversity and noble harmony of this incomparable music with a choice of monophonic or polyphonic songs, by turns melancholic or grimy, exalting the melodic vein of Josquin. Songs with five or six voices discreetly supported (as was the practice at the time) on the lute, spinet or organ.

They are often a reflection of the harshness of times and sing of regretz, tristesse, a languishing heart and a whole host of painful emotions. The other side, on the contrary, offers us exuberant songs in a popular vein, with frankly sexual and bawdy connotations. We will also find in this fascinating anthology a beautiful tribute to Josquin, in the form of a musical monument, from the pen of Nicolas Gombert, musician to Charles V; a polyphony with six voices that takes up a melody of which Josquin des Prés was fond. – François Hudry


01. Dominique Visse – Regretz sans fin il me fault endurer
02. Dominique Visse – Allegez moy doulce plaisant brunette
03. Dominique Visse – Douleur me bat
04. Dominique Visse – Je me complains de mon amy
05. Dominique Visse – Cueur langoreulx
06. Yoann Moulin – Mille regretz
07. Dominique Visse – Musæ Jovis
08. Dominique Visse – Petite Camusette a la mort mavez mis
09. Dominique Visse – Plus nulz regretz
10. Dominique Visse – Du mien amant
11. Dominique Visse – La Bernardina
12. Dominique Visse – Faulte dargent
13. Dominique Visse – Baises moy ma doulce’ amye
14. Dominique Visse – Ma bouche rit et mon cueur pleure
15. Dominique Visse – O mors inevitabilis
16. Eric Bellocq – Mille regretz
17. Dominique Visse – Parfons regretz et lamentable joye
18. Dominique Visse – Tenez moy en voz bras
19. Dominique Visse – Nymphes des bois