Damien Guillon and Le Banquet Céleste – Purcell: Odes & Welcome Songs (2022) [FLAC 24bit/192kHz]

Damien Guillon and Le Banquet Céleste – Purcell: Odes & Welcome Songs (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/192 kHz | Time – 01:03:21 minutes | 2,23 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Alpha Classics

There are 24 Odes and Welcome Songs composed by Purcell between 1680 and 1695: 4 celebrate St Cecilia, 6 are to welcome royalty, 3 celebrate King James II’s birthday and 6 celebrate that of Queen Mary (from 1684 to 1694). The others were written for specific events – royal wedding, Yorkshire festival, Duke of Gloucester’s birthday, hundredth anniversary of Dublin’s Trinity College, etc. For these occasions, Purcell composed incredibly imaginative music of amazing quality – often keeping his most beautiful pieces for less remarkable texts, most of the time conventionally obsequious when it came to royalty. According to the registers, the number of singers and musicians were surprisingly small during special events. Purcell’s most elaborate Odes (namely Come Ye sons of Art and Hail! bright Cecilia) seem to have been designed for about twelve instruments and four singers, for solos and choruses. The Banquet Céleste chose a chamber music-like spirit for these extremely expressive and musical works.

The Odes and Welcome Songs cover the major creative period of Henry Purcell, who composed them for festive occasions. However, in contrast to the musical pomp of Versailles that was commonplace during this time, the special events in which these songs were played were attended by very few. Damien Guillon and his ensemble, Le Banquet Céleste, have explored this chamber music’s intimate beginnings, conceiving this new programme comprising of thirty-seven richly expressive pages.

Composed between 1680 and 1695, these pieces were intended to celebrate important occasions; for example, St Cecilia’s Day or anniversaries such as that of King James II or Queen Mary. Others celebrate specific events, such as royal weddings, princely anniversaries or the centenary of Trinity College Dublin. Damien Guillon utilises his deep understanding of music to elevate his vocal and instrumental soloists to new artistic heights. “I like the idea of making music together in a group and uniting artists around a project,” he says. Produced at the Poitiers Theatre, this new recording is full of life and joy, and is a true reflection of Guillon’s devotion to his craft. – François Hudry

01. Le Banquet Céleste – I. Symphony (01:56)
02. Le Banquet Céleste – II. “From Those Serene and Rapturous Joys” (03:27)
03. Le Banquet Céleste – III. “Behold the Indulgent Prince is Come” (01:24)
04. Le Banquet Céleste – IV. “Welcome Home” (00:34)
05. Le Banquet Céleste – V. “Not with an Helmet or a Glittering Spear” (01:18)
06. Le Banquet Céleste – VI. “Allegro vivace” (01:11)
07. Le Banquet Céleste – VII. “Welcome as Soft Refreshing Showers” (01:38)
08. Le Banquet Céleste – VIII. “Welcome Home” (00:40)
09. Le Banquet Céleste – IX. “Welcome, More Welcome Does he Come” (03:03)
10. Le Banquet Céleste – X. “Nor Does the Sun More Comfort Bring” (01:13)
11. Le Banquet Céleste – XI. “With Trumpets and Shouts We Receive the World’s Wonder” (02:30)
12. Le Banquet Céleste – I. Symphony (01:44)
13. Le Banquet Céleste – II. “Fly, Bold Rebellion” (01:07)
14. Le Banquet Céleste – III. “The Plot is Displayed” (00:36)
15. Le Banquet Céleste – IV. “Then With Heart and With Voice” (00:31)
16. Le Banquet Céleste – V. “Rivers From Their Channels Turned” (02:33)
17. Le Banquet Céleste – VI “For Majesty Moves” (00:42)
18. Le Banquet Céleste – VII. “If Then We’ve Found the Want of His Rays” (00:44)
19. Le Banquet Céleste – VIII. “But Kings, Like the Sun” (01:38)
20. Le Banquet Céleste – IX. “But Heaven Has Now Dispelled Those Fears” (01:24)
21. Le Banquet Céleste – X. “Come Then, Change Your Notes” (00:48)
22. Le Banquet Céleste – XI. “But With Heart and With Voice” (00:34)
23. Le Banquet Céleste – XII. “Be Welcome Then, Great Sir” (03:15)
24. Le Banquet Céleste – XIII. “Welcome To All Those Wishes Fulfilled” (01:38)
25. Le Banquet Céleste – I. “Why, Why Are All the Muses Mute?” (01:29)
26. Le Banquet Céleste – II. Symphony (01:27)
27. Le Banquet Céleste – III. “When Should Each Soul Exalted Be” (01:10)
28. Le Banquet Céleste – IV. “But When for Caesar’s Welcome We Prepare?” (01:07)
29. Le Banquet Céleste – V. “Britain, Thou Now Art Great” (03:30)
30. Le Banquet Céleste – VI. “Look up, and to Our Isle Returning See” (01:19)
31. Le Banquet Céleste – VII. “Great Caesar’s Reign With Conquest Did Begin” (00:36)
32. Le Banquet Céleste – VIII. “Accursed Rebellion Reared His Head” (01:57)
33. Le Banquet Céleste – IX. “So Jove, Scarce Settled in His Sky” (03:17)
34. Le Banquet Céleste – X. “Caesar for Milder Virtues Honour’d More” (01:36)
35. Le Banquet Céleste – XI. “The Many-Headed Beast is Quelled at Home” (01:47)
36. Le Banquet Céleste – XII. “In the Equal Balance Laid” (01:00)
37. Le Banquet Céleste – XIII. “The Glory of Earth and the Darling of Heaven!” (06:39)


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