Cyprien Katsaris – Papaïoannou: 24 Préludes pour piano – Constantinidis: 8 Danses des îles grecques – Levidis: Erste griechische romantische Sonate (2022) [FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz]

Cyprien Katsaris – Papaïoannou: 24 Préludes pour piano – Constantinidis: 8 Danses des îles grecques – Levidis: Erste griechische romantische Sonate (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 01:01:31 minutes | 537 MB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Melism

With this programme, Cyprien Katsaris begins a series of recordings for Melism, dedicated to Greek music appearing after the country’s independence of 1821. The series will include works both discovered and rediscovered. The programme showcases works that are little played and known, as well as well-known and admired compositions that are not frequently heard outside of Greece.

With a considerable output of works written for what were sometimes rather unusual formations, Yannis Andreou Papaïoannou has lived through much of the twentieth century, and has written in a great diversity of styles. As Cyprien Katsaris observes: “There is no question that, over and above the Debussyan influences, Papaïoannou has, with the original thinking behind his 24 Preludes, produced a true masterpiece. You need only listen to the cycle in its totality to savour the breadth of its flavours. It is beyond comprehension that this collection has been consigned to obscurity, together with the rest of the composer’s works. It is high time for this self-evidently significant composer to be rehabilitated”.

Yannis Constantinidis immediately imposes a personal and distinctive world of sound. He contrives with mastery and elegance to combine elements typical of musical impressionism with the Greek national heritage, in particular conjuring up rhythms and modes from Antiquity; (his idiosyncratic style is instantly recognisable). He can also be associated with a certain “French spirit”, in the sense that his works demonstrate great finesse both in elaboration and musical coloration. This album introduces a significant work, the First Greek Romantic Sonata by Dimitry Levidis (1908), a youthful work which won him the Franz Liszt composition prize in Munich.

A second album will be exclusively dedicated to the piano music of Yannis Constantinidis and will include the three Sonatinas, the 44 Greek Miniatures, later renamed 44 Pieces for Children, and the two-piano version of the 8 Dances from Greek Islands.

01. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 1. La nuit à la campagne (Lento) (02:17)
02. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 2. Le matin près de la mer (Andante) (01:32)
03. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 3. Aquarelle (Poco lento) (01:28)
04. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 4. Danse (Allegretto) (01:06)
05. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 5. Clair de lune (Molto moderato) (02:06)
06. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 6. In Memoriam, “Hommage à Ravel” (Poco lento) (02:47)
07. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 7. La brise (Moderato) (01:07)
08. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 8. Souvenir (Andante) (01:36)
09. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 9. Miss A. J. Eccentric (Andante con moto) (03:00)
10. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 10. Le lac (Poco lento) (01:52)
11. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 11. Tziganiana (Andante molto) (03:12)
12. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 12. Les oiseaux aquatiques (Allegretto) (00:43)
13. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 13. La Bayadère (Andante con moto) (02:37)
14. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 14. Sérénité (Andantino) (01:40)
15. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 15. Le Christ est ressuscité (Lento non troppo) (01:17)
16. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 16. La vallée des peupliers (Lento assai) (02:11)
17. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 17. Nuit translucide (Lento) (02:59)
18. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 18. L’amazone (Allegro vivo ma leggiero) (00:46)
19. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 19. La fée (Lento non troppo) (01:24)
20. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 20. Crépuscule dans la forêt (Moderato) (01:31)
21. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 21. La neige (Moderato) (00:55)
22. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 22. Poisson d’or (Allegro ma tranquillo) (00:49)
23. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 23. Le ruisseau (Poco allegro leggiero) (00:59)
24. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 24. La nageuse (Poco allegro) (01:06)
25. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 1. Allegretto con grazia (On the Rythm of the Syrtos Folk Dance) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:17)
26. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 2. Allegro moderato ma energico (Cykladitikos) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:25)
27. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 3. Allegretto (Karsilamas) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:46)
28. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 4. Andantino mosso (Zervodegios roditikos) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:23)
29. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 5. Con moto, “To Thalassaki” (Kalymnos) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:31)
30. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 6. Allegretto vivo e con spirito, “Ikames ke, kori, dendro” (Karpathos) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:13)
31. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 7. Moderato (Zeimbekikos – Dance from Rhodes) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:52)
32. Cyprien Katsaris – No. 8. Vivo e giocoso, “Me toy Maioy tis mirodies” (Pentozalis – Dance from Crete) (Original Version for Solo Piano) (01:28)
33. Cyprien Katsaris – Erste griechische romantische Sonate in einem Teil, Op. 16 (08:22)