Billy Talent – Crisis of Faith (2022) [FLAC 24bit/96kHz]

Billy Talent – Crisis of Faith (2022)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 36:45 minutes | 836 MB | Genre: Rock
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One of the best things about Billy Talent is and always has been their reliability. That might sound a bit hollow—after all, the Foo Fighters are reliable, and they’re the poster boys for rock’s middle of the road—but the benefit of a high floor and ceiling has always worked in Billy Talent’s favour. Even on their ‘weaker’ albums (and blow those quotation marks to an enormous scale at that), they’ve always been a profoundly vibrant and likable band, the sort of punk that can wear its bite and its big heart with equal prominence. The implicit parallels to Rise Against have always been there in a parlance for ‘radio-rock’ accessibility that pairs with their punk ethos rather than working against it, but Billy Talent feel more at home in that environment overall. If anything, it’s refreshing to see them lean into so greatly with Crisis Of Faith, juggling an advanced longevity that fits the mainstream rock rubric with unshakable earnestness and the quality of just being the most enjoyable band around, all done pretty much masterfully. But even that’s ignoring the vicegrip that Billy Talent continue to have on all-around terrific composition and creative impulse; ‘radio-rock’ bands aren’t opening their albums with Forgiveness, a seven-minute prog-pop banger that sinks into a jazzed-up sax line in its second act. Even on the most fundamental level though, Billy Talent are simply leagues ahead of the competition within this more straightforward lane. Hanging Out With All The Wrong People will be the most instantly catchy song to come out this year, that can basically be locked in now, but there’s nothing close to approach a dud on here, no matter which way you slice it. That generally comes from how the band’s effortless lyrical metre still hasn’t lost its sheen, on that track but also notably on the likes of Reckless Paradise and End Of Me, as a means of forming that momentum and tempo that’s so deeply embedded in every song here.

1-1. Billy Talent – Forgiveness I + II (06:41)
1-2. Billy Talent – Reckless Paradise (03:24)
1-3. Billy Talent – I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better) (03:36)
1-4. Billy Talent – The Wolf (03:47)
1-5. Billy Talent – Reactor (03:49)
1-6. Billy Talent – Judged (01:39)
1-7. Billy Talent – Hanging Out with All the Wrong People (03:46)
1-8. Billy Talent – End of Me (feat. Rivers Cuomo) (03:45)
1-9. Billy Talent – One Less Problem (03:03)
1-10. Billy Talent – For You (03:12)